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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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around here, always the age requirement, you have to be 17 to 25 like the young man said before me, the other guy said. it is like -- it is never too late to change your life around. most of the programs that are around here only designed for certain age requirements and even if there are certain jobs or certain agencies that can help you, in -- there are certain neighborhoods you cannot go to or anything like that. i just hope that maybe you guys can help us out a little bit more because there is a lot of things going on around here that you public will never understand but sometimes people want to on-change their life and they need some help and sometimes they cannot like the programs you have, they're not eligible or they cannot go to the programs. if you guys can maybe utilize certain resources to help us out all little bit more, that is all
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i would ask. me personally, i am 27. the position i am in right now, i wish i was in a better position. that is all i got to say. [applause] >> my name is roger, i have been with the avian safe haven program. i started when i was 12 years old. it helped me a lot. in my life. when i got locked up when i was 14, they got me out of jail, i spent two days -- two days in juvenile. they helped me change my life. they put me to work after a got out. now have a family. i am working. i wanted to speak on behalf of safe haven program and keep our
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program open. [applause] >> how are >> i have been a resident of hunters point all of my life. i want to put this on your mind as far as the hunters point shipyard. i have five nieces and nephews. they all have asthma. that is coming from there. i just want to put this on your minds. the cleanup they're doing, that will not work. like a lot of people have said, they need to do more than that. that will not work.
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when it is done with, they will not be able to plant flowers, it will be replicas. replicas of flowers. that is not giving us no oxygen. that is what your focus should be. they are killing us for real. >> usually, when you sign a card, we call by the way these cards were presented to me. >> we apologize for being so abrupt. >> next time you come to a meeting like this, you follow the procedure. >> we are still learning.
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>> i appreciate that you are learning. >> good afternoon. i would like to say that i really appreciate you all being here. i am hoping that you follow the mandate that was put before you and i am talking about the mandate that the staff presented to you tonight. the committee has met, they have gone to the building. if you saw the mandate, the mandate says what? education and training. that is what it says. when this college was built, it was not built because of the city. it was built because of the fact that there was going to be an extension of the sewage plant
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and there were three of us that matt and met for five years. they wanted to put a part here. we wanted a college. the classes were closed. we want you all to really support the staff recommendation. this is not supposed to be an office for city department. [applause]
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>> we are on the same page. to have this energy, i am raising the young people. this is on the cutting age and power and water in this country. our children can be on the cutting edge. this is the opportunity we have, this is surrounded by water on three sides. let's let our children know about it. water is not going away. our kids will have to be aware of what is going on in the world. they have a curriculum right here that they are developing so that our kids can know about water and power. this is fantastic. i'm glad to see that you are on the right track.
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this is the mission of our city and for our children to participate in what is going on. billions of dollars will be going into water. why should we have 10% of that in our community? the only way we can do this is through education. we are on the right track. thank you. [applause] >> that next one is tony hart.
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>> hello, commission. i would like to start by saying that i arrived late to this meeting. i am part of the 9910 program. thank you very much. i am a member of this community. i was born and raised here and i still have family here. i would just like to say that i was introduced to this program through me seeking opportunities. i went out there and look for something. the communities that were mentioned up here, those were very good community-based organizations that have helped me to developed myself as a person and gave me that pushed that i needed to take on the world by myself. i would just like to say that i really appreciate the opportunity that the puc has
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offered me and i'm currently working to be a stationary engineer. that just goes to show, i am from this community. we're not just rappers, we're not just what you see on television. we can be great people. we can be doctors, engineers. we can do this and we have to start off by living by example. we have to start off by knowing that we are great people. i would encourage everyone in this community to represent it right. represent it right for the little kids that look up to us. i would like to end with that and i think you all. >> jackie phillips and debra one burger. >> i am a native of san
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francisco. i was born and raised in the bayview hunters point. i'm am a part of what was called the 9916 program. i was quite blessed to be born and raised here, also to have a job to turn into a career here. now, the question i have for the commissioners and for the public here, do you really believe that the seven applicants every two years for a waste-water facility of that size is acceptable? i don't think so. i do think that the program can use some improvements. that is not the real problem. what we need to do as a community is to speak with the puc and have them understand.
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as that plan progressives, multimillion-dollar is are being sent there. you are right, millions. that is all fine and well. the problem remains the same. as this facility develops, the program should also. i started in 1982. i was the third class to come through. we started with 10 people. over the years, the program has gone down to 3, 4, 5. now we are at 7. the people are coming through are good candidates. that is not the problem. the problem still remains the same. for the puc to turn out seven people every two years and spend the other money that they're making and they are getting from everyone else on that facility that sits in our backyard is not acceptable. i am saying, we need to get
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behind the puc and incurred them. we're asking 50 people, 50 people is not a lot when you look at the amount of trade within that facility. from clerical, engineers, superintendents, they can do it. we have actually work force developers here. they have a lot of plans. we also have a lot of plans. we need to get together, form a committee for the 9910 program that would consist of the community and the waste-water facility. we need to them to oversee what is going on at the facility with this program. we can do a lot better than we have done over the years. for those that don't know this, this is a program that is based in the bayview hunters point only. you must live in this area to
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enter this program. thank you. >> hello, my name is deborah warren burger. i have been a business owner and san francisco for 20 years and have been associated with this program since 2005. you heard a lot tonight about the wonderful programs that we have and you have heard our use speak. one thing that i can add is a word about the staff and the leadership of our organization. i have been involved with a lot of nonprofits and i have never worked with a group as committed and dedicated with the staff as hunters point families. the staff and the girls and how much they care about the girls and their families and they reach out, this inspires me every week. i am so excited to hear about
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the collaboration that is going on in this building and when i hear all of the ideas tonight, it just seems to me that the kind of staff that we have at hunters point family with their vision in leadership is exactly what you want this building. i am here on behalf of our board of directors to support hunters point being part of this. >> melody daniels.
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>> good evening, everyone. i represent the first generation of environmental health and development. also, jessie mason, who was my father. he has been besieged for about a year and a half now. as a product of this community, i came from this community. i think it is important that we inform an advocate and the locality of this facility is great for the bayview hunters point community. i am the second generation and we all know that you would be here right now expressing the importance of this building here and what it does and what it provides for the community.
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i represent this whole community and what it has done for me and other individuals. i want to express the two young gentleman that came up, they did not know. that is what this community is about, to inform and educate. they were misinformed. we have a facility like this said that we can educate the young black men of this community. these are first generation obligations to inform these committees and to use this facility at the non-profit and to educate young men and older black men in regards to health.
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fortunately, a lot of older black men, -- unfortunately, a lot of older black men do not go to the doctor. it is important that we educate them to understand the importance of it. in this facility, we can do that. we can educate. we can inform the people. that is what i am speaking of. we don't want to put a band-aid over it and cover it up, we want to get to the root of the problem and the committee there would make the right decision. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners and to everyone here. i am the vice chair for the area that was under the san francisco redevelopment.
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we have worked with the san francisco redevelopment agency but the project area community working with them. if you look up there at the community room, this space that we have in this building was the office that he had in this building and i am requesting that we not be moved out of this building because we have still unfinished projects in this community that really need to be developed. if you move all of our documents downtown or put it in storage, that means that we have got to start all over again. whether i am here or anyone from the project area committee is here or any of you are here, the documents needed to be where they are easily accessible.
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i would like to request that some special consideration be given to the project area committee so that we can maintain our space. no, we don't have any money but look, we have done a lot of service here. i know that this is the way that you can work it to where you could have space. it is just one room and i hope that you will look at that. i am a supporter of education, i am a supporter of health. we have the southeast health center expansion on the table and we are waiting to make sure that it happens. we plan to make sure that it happens. i am looking forward to when city college can bring that, a registered nurse could help me,
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not just for home aid and that sort of thing. i am saying to do more than what they have been doing about the curriculum so that our young people and some doctors and the classes that candy. -- the classes that can be. i hope that you support them and keep them and i am all about health and human services. health and human services and social services all work together. >> thank you for this opportunity. i want to switch gears and talk
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about one issue that has very much to do with some of the issues that the members of the public's erased. as we understand it, internet access is crucial for the children to be successful on our families. i am the government affairs director here for san francisco's comcast. i would like to talk about the program. this is a nationwide initiative launched by comcast to help low income families all across the country.
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this is crucial for children to be successful. lots of people don't have internet access. 30% of the americans, they don't have internet access. they launched this program as the affordable internet access service to low income families. this will help children in school to receive a free school lunch or to receive lunches in school. i think it is important that we work in partnership with the public officials and members of the public to help those low income families to get on the right side of the issue. again, this is under $10 a month and you get high-speed internet service. you can get a low-cost computer.
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i just wanted to encourage you and the members of the public to help. thank you. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. i am supporting the recommendation. i guess -- i just got here about 20 minutes ago. i was trying to get here before 4:00. for your information, this college was put here because the bayview hunters point college, one of the colleges that we funded, we were the first off- campus college from city college in the whole city and county of san francisco. we started off campus. we also had berkeley campuses. we had usf courses.
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this college was built for our college. anything that comes in this facility is for the betterment of this community. we went to sacramento, we fought to get this property. i served on the joint housing and on the court native council and with the organization that blessed this to be put here. this is anyone and everyone. i'm hoping that they had the program in there and i hope that they have the cosmetology program in their, the nursing programs extended in there and other recommendations that we have made on our tora. i hope everything that we ask for is in there.
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we want the community. this was built for the community and we did not have no age. when i changed my life, i was 20 years old. we have a lot of revenue out here. these and brothers and sisters wanted to learn and they don't need to wait until they are 20 years old or 18 years old to start learning. they need to start learning from junior high school on. we went to the board of education. we need to make sure that our young people's, because everyone will want to go to college. i wanted to go to college but when i got to junior high school, they took that dream from me like they do a lot of black folks. you give us skills, multimedia. we have a young brother here who does movies.
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we have the young community developers that we started. they can help to create programs in here. we want to community programs that started off in the model cities to help and set up this community. you guys can have some serious problems. thank you very much. >> ok, mr. ed donaldson. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak before the commissioners. i want to speak in support of staff recommendations, that the building be used in a way that is consistent with the mitigation agreement and that we look at the impacts and to measure things in terms of impact at outcomes and we think
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about it in a visionary kind of way. one person said vision. san francisco spent $6.7 billion a year and it has a multiple of 10 which means that $67 billion per year is used in the city of san francisco. we should use the facilities in a way where we began to leverage opportunities seriously said that we can take advantage of some of those opportunities that are coming out of this resource rich city. i would say that serious consideration be given so as if they are moved, that they would be moved in such a way to a neutral site as was mentioned by mr. jackson so that those services can continue to remain in the community. >> thank you very much. that is all the points i have this time. are you supposed to be speaking of all of these costs?
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item 15 was what you saw with the presentation that you had. we left public comment until last and it is now after 8:00. the majority of these cards were public speakers cards and we let you speak anyway. if there's anyone in the audience who would like to speak, it is time for public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. we have other commission business. i don't think that there are any comments from our commission. the next item, there is nothing else to come before this body. we are adjourned.
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